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SunRay Systems

The SunRay range of systems are a novel solution to providing a full graphical desktop or 'Kiosk' without requiring any local disk storage. Each system comprises of one or more Sun Ray systems with optional keyboard and mouse (or other input devices) and a display monitor (can be standard TFT or CRT). The Sun Rays are linked via the network to one or more Sun Ray servers, which are either Sun SPARC or x86 systems running Solaris or x86 systems running Linux.

The Ray presents itself to the server as if it is a locally attached graphics card/keyboard/mouse, so all locally run graphical applications on the server simply attach to the X Window terminal assigned. This makes for a very lightweight graphics head, with all of the storage and processing beng done on the server. The communications between the Sun Ray system and the server is highly optimised, such that it can be run as a remote terminal over a braodband link or even a dialup service. Also supported is encryption over the communication link as well as support for natively Windows applications on a Windows server. This makes for a real alternative to running Terminal Server on your Windows systems.

Sun Ray range

Ray 1 - Small desktop unit, VGA graphics (1280x1024 max), 4 x USB, audio ports.

Ray 100 - Small desktop CRT system, 17" CRT, 4 x USB, audio ports.

Ray 150 - Small desktop LCD, 15" LCD, 4 x USB, audio ports.

Ray 1+ - Small desktop unit, VGA graphics (1600x1200 max), 4 x USB, audio ports.

Ray 2 - Small desktop unit, VGA graphics (1600x1200 max), 4 x USB, audio ports.


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